Migrate WordPress from localhost to server

Once you have developed a WordPress site locally now its time to upload the website from localhost to live server. For example i am going to take my website http://localhost/niteshkumarthapa/ from localhost to

First Step(Setting Files)
You can go to the wp-content and upload only plugins,themes and uploads you don’t need to upload the whole WordPress files. After you have uploaded all your files check failed transfer in FTP make sure that you don’t have any failed transfersFTP

After uploading files now you can go to the dashboard and go to the plugin page you will find all plugins are there but the plugins are currently not active it will automatically activate when we will move our database.

Second Step (Export)
Now i will use WP Migrate DB Plugin to transfer database from localhost to live server so i will install this plugin in both http://localhost/niteshkumarthapa/ and http://nitesh-thapa.com/ after installing plugin on localhost you will see this the URL and File path This is for localhost
This is for live server http://nitesh-thapa.com/


Now on localhost in WP Migrate DB plugin section add the URL and File Path mention in screen shot below and click on export button After exporting you will get the zip file of your database.

Third Step (Import)
If you login in http://nitesh-thapa.com/ and go to the pages there is no content no images nothing.














Now go to the phpMyAdmin and remove the database from http://nitesh-thapa.com/ and upload the zip file of database you have downloaded now refresh http://nitesh-thapa.com/ you will see all content ,images and links will be there.

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